Boat Registration:
All motorboats (including those with electric motors), regardless of length, and all sailboats and sailboards 12 feet in length or more must be registered.
The following are exempt from registration:
* Sailboats and sailboards under 12 feet in length,
* Small, non-motorized vessels, such as rowboats, canoes, and kayaks (powered by sail/oars/paddles/or other human power),
* Vessels registered in another state or country and temporarily using the using the waters of New Hampshire for not more than 30 consecutive days, and
* Vessels owned or operated by the United States Government.

Registrations expire December 31 of each year. (Owners of previously registered vessels will be mailed a renewal notice.)

Boat owners must provide proof of ownership (old registration, title, or bill of sale)
and the following information at the time of registration:
- year of manufacture
- make, length
- hull construction material (wood, fiberglass, etc.)
- hull identification number

Boat Registration Fees:
Boat registration fees for commercial, private, and pleasure vessels are as follows:
--- Up to and including 16 feet ----------------------------- $37.50
--- 16.1 to 21 feet ------------------------------------------ $47.50
--- 21.1 to 30 feet ----------------------------------------- $65.50
--- 30.1 to 45 feet ----------------------------------------- $85.50
--- 45.1 feet and over -------------------------------------- $105.50
--- NOTE: An additional town fee may apply depending on the application.

Fees additional to boat registration fees:
--- recreational boat fee based on age and value of boat (minimum fee is $10.00)
--- $5.00 fee per registration for the milfoil prevention fund
--- $1.50 fee per registration for the lake restoration and preservation fund
--- $1.00 fee per registration for the search and rescue fund
--- $5.00 fee per registration for the statewide public boat access fund
--- agent fee for each registration

Registration Documentation and Display:
Upon registration, you will be issued a certificate of number and a validation decal.
The certificate must be on board and available for inspection whenever the boat is being operated.
The number must be displayed (painted, applied as a decal, or otherwise affixed) to both sides of the bow of the boat as follows:
--- The number shall read from left to right.
--- The number must be in block characters of not less than 3 inches in height.
--- The number must be of a color that contrasts with the hull's background.
--- The numerals must be separated from the prefix and the suffix by hyphens or equivalent spaces.
--- Federal and State law prohibit any other number from being displayed on either side of the bow.
--- The validation decal must be affixed within six inches to the right of, and in line with, the assigned numbers.