Are you confused by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations regarding hydrocarbon emission standards for outboard marine engines?

     Stowaway Marine has responded to customers’ questions on this matter, specifically the question of whether two-stroke marine engines can still be used. Many believe that the two-stroke marine engine has been "banned". This is not the case and we hope the following will clarify the issue for you.

     The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s gasoline marine final rule, published in August of 1996, establishes hydrocarbon emission standards for 2006 gasoline marine engines. Covered by the rule are outboard engines and gasoline marine engines used in personal watercraft and jet boat applications. The upshot of this mandate is that as of 2006, any and all NEW outboard marine engines must be manufactured to meet EPA emission standards. (Low pollution outboards will come as either four-stroke or direct fuel-injection two-stroke engines.) “Conventional” motors/engines manufactured before 2006 are exempt from the new emission standards.

Do you have to buy a new motor/engine in 2006?
No. The regulations apply only to engine manufacturers. Boat owners and boat dealers are not required to modify their current engines to meet the new standards, nor will they be subject to any penalties. It would be wise to note, however, that the new generation of outboard and personal watercraft marine engines are over 75 percent cleaner than current marine engine technology. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the new engine technology will provide boaters with many performance advantages, generally providing easier starting, faster acceleration, quicker throttle response, and a reduction in smoke, fumes and noise. Significant improvements in fuel economy could provide hundreds of dollars in fuel savings.

Do the new regulations affect all watercraft?
No. Only NEW outboard and personal watercraft engines are affected. Emission standards have not been set for sterndrives and inboard engines due to the inherently clean nature that the technology of these engines provides.

Can motors/engines manufactured prior to 2006 be modified so as to be EPA 2006 compliant?
No. The new technology developed by the marine industry cannot be retrofitted.

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